Friday, 24 February 2012


A close friend can be a confidant, a companion, a shoulder to cry on and a partner in crime. Regardless of how compatible you are at the height of the friendship, your relationship may end because you no longer want to spend time together. Whether your friendship ended because of a disagreement, busy schedules or different directions and priorities in life,i'll always remember our time together fondly. ΐ've tried to bring to life some steps ΐ tried in getting my friend back,trust me some will definitely work for You,ΐt all depends in your Level of friendship Aπϑ understanding..Here are some few steps below;

Step 1

Discuss the situation with a trusted friend or family member, particularly if you're sad or confused about the friendship breakup. Expressing your feelings will help you achieve closure so you can develop new relationships.

Step 2

ΐ would advice u still try to talk to your friend and find out what really went wrong,if Чöü both can figure that out,then there might be a way out of T̅ђє whole drama surrounding Чöü both..

Step 3

If Чöü've tried ΐt all Aπϑ ΐt still doesn't seem to be working,ΐ'll probably suggest Чöü give your friend time alone,sometimes in someways Чöü feel Чöü know a person so well,Чöü may not notice you piss em off at times,ΐt May be that Чöü talk a lot or your just too emotional for your friend to handle, so ΐ'll advice you gauge some behaviours Чöü exhibit with your friend...

T̅ђє actual cause of T̅ђє Fight or quarrel may be something very minute,but for ΐt to amount to something like this,that means there must have been something,somewhere which triggered T̅ђє sudden change in attitude which eventually lead to your break-up as Friends..

we all have limits & different breaking points,so ΐ may pretend ΐ like all Чöü do but deep down inside,ΐt worries me,but ΐ wouldn't want you to feel sad,so ΐ don't say a word....but when ΐt eventually becomes unbearable Aπϑ uncomfortable,that's when u see T̅ђє real stuff your friend has been keeping from Чöü..

Y'all work on your friendships,its cool to know Real friends still exist,ΐ wish we could all say T̅ђє same but that's life for Чöü "Чöü loose some,Чöü get some"

ΐ pray this helps Чöü in anyway...xx

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