Wednesday, 17 July 2013


As i lays wondering…
hidden behind the cardboard,
is it a dream, who are these people?
mother to the left, beaten,
to her right, father with a bullet
blood flowing from his hand,

I lay petrified…
still can’t move,
eyes of evil, are you the devil?
mother’s looking at me
yet oddly the radio plays her favorite tune,
mother cries and father dies
the evil men with their evil eyes
laughing, guided by someone’s lies

I lay bewildered…
too young to comprehend,
civil war rages brother versus brother,
isn’t life enough of a struggle?
mother, with her last breath
signals for her to be silent


I lay praying…
wondering why He’s not watching,
she must choose either to lay quiet
or join her family in inevitable death,
inhaling the stench of sweat
of evil and of blood,
she decides…

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