Thursday, 12 January 2012


These are some African countries with PMS prices higher than N141/litre-
1. Benin:- N167
2. Guinea:- N161.50
3. Sierra Leone:- N151.50
4. Botswana:- N148.50
5. Ghana:- N175.79
6. Congo:- N204
7. Cape Verde:- N264
8. Morocco:- N198
9. Chad:- N210
10. Niger:- N181...
Somebody should remind the producers of NTA news dt those countries r not OPEC members & we can't buy PMS @ such exorbitant prices.

Why didn't they include Lybia, Algeria and Angola the other oil producing/OPEC African countries???

Somebody should tell them dt these countries have beta amenities dt cushion their fuel price effect compared to wot our leaders have turned Nigeria into.

Somebody should tell them dt their legislators don't earn up to $850k per annum which is child's play compared to wot ours earn.

Somebody should tell them to get REAL & stop feeding Nigerians wit crap.

Somebody should re-broadcast this till it gets to everybody who might have been misguided by NTA's propaganda as we remain resolute & we'll definitely #OccupyNigeria.

We OCCUPY Nigeria....XoXo

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