Thursday, 26 January 2012

what is love \ Am i really in love **

ΐ always asked myself that question whenever ΐ felt bad from my lovers reactions,The answer most common was Love is something undefined, not fully expressed & can not be worded.. Well this very thing holds true but lets for the sake of practicality try to conclude what is ♥ (nature of love, expression of love, anatomy and physiology of love 8-O lol)ΐ always feel happy sharing such..

What is ♥ …………………. The only way to answer these dots is through expression / feelings and certainly words can’t sum our loving expression..

♥ hurts, much more than anything else in this world Aπϑ ΐ have felt such Hurt but I still hope & live for love..

♥ is anything that provides us pleasure from within but that pleasure is not momentary but permanent. Someone once told me that “♥ is friendship set on fire”.. I strongly believe this ♥ quote.

♥ like ΐ alwayz let my lover know is beyond words, unreasonably summed up in feelings and reasonably incomplete..

Each of the replies that i got in respect to my question about me as a young lover defining ♥ holds true but at the same time contextual responses.. If u r in love, u appreciate love and the feelings, sensation, experience .. But when it goes hard time in any ♥ relationship, u feel it merciless & very cruel.. And when ♥ relationship ends with your beloved, u feel love as living mistake of yours.. (this very exercise is what applies to most people and their views about ♥ )

Does ♥ have any universal definition ? – ♥ is contextual and the feelings and expression is very personalized when it come to ♥.  love is unique. ♥ is not just between couple of opposite sex but also between father and son or daughter, brother n sister, mother n her child, between friends.. And in all cases , love and the inherent feelings, associations, attachment, inclination, intimacy differ..

Is love contained within limits ? – To me ΐ feel ♥ is limitless and in any form, it stays beyond boundaries or so called limits, u can’t restrict this feeling of love, if it is restricted, it is not love.. Also u might have heard stories of a boy from Nigeria and a girl from the Netherlands meet, mingle, marry and live and love happily forever.. Even physical boundaries can’t bind love within its bounds.

Is love phase of life ? – ♥ is eternal, increasing and needy ( ♥ wants more love ) .. It doesn’t just fill up a particular age or phase of ur life.. It fills up ur entire living phrase. Neither the love dies nor the lovers ( Me and My Lover – a living example )..

What is opposite of ♥? - If ur mind contemplated the word “HATE” as being opposite to ♥, lemme say, I am talking about instincts & nature of ♥, not english grammar.. Nothing is opposite to ♥ or nothing can stand opposite to love ( love is almighty ) It is said, whom you hate, the one u love. Well this is not true in every context but certainly this statement has got meaning and sense in certain situation.. Actually if you hate a person whom you loved years ago, then I must say you still love him / her and this ♥ can be called pessimistic ♥ and you are still a lover ( and may remain in future)..

Have ΐ redefined love? – No, ΐ guess ΐ have reloaded love  (♥ reloaded ‎​ℓoℓ )Forgive me ..

So to conclude ,I'll say,♥ to me is T̅ђє boundless ♥ God has for me cos he has seen me through some crasy times Aπϑ Nasty descisions ΐ almost made but in all He Saw through Aπϑ also ΐ would say ♥ is aesthetic romance of life period!!”

To me ,♥ is muaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ‎​ℓoℓ!!

~*~ Emeka Emmanuel Uhuegbu ~*~

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  1. ΐ ♥ ♥ ....ΐ don't care what ΐt does to me...‎​ℓoℓ


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