Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I kind of thought my life was pulling itself together cos for a while things have been working out well that more reason why I never really came back to my own space to share this….

For a longtime, I haven’t been shown much Love from some group of individuals or people I call my friends, it all seems right now cos I really was shown love & I felt someone somewhere had my back again & again I guess I got through to my mentor who I had been trying to get to reconcile with me, it was just going well as I wanted & I felt Good cos I felt I deserved well after going through the devastating trauma of countless rejection, deceptive people and loneliness, I’ve had my own fair share…

It was finally beginning to make sense, I put all my time into making people who never like me “feel like we had any connection” whereas we had NONE!!!, it hit me ‘the attitude change and all I wish so much that forgetting people you’ve gotten so much fond of or deleting all about friends was as easy as Shredding a piece of paper or erasing Folders. I go everyday feeling I’m always at fault, feeling & eating myself before but now I understand, it was never about me NO!!! Actually no one does like being PESTERED, which I guess I do a LOT!

As the end began, I realized I had changed over the years, I’m really evolving and it’s a good thing cos I really don’t have the strength anymore for some SHIT! I go through, I’m going through the metamorphosis & I feel when the time is right DEFINTELY it will all fall in place!!!

Thanks for always reading….xx

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