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This is one article i've been dodging to write about,ΐt brings back memories that are now part of Me,i see whatever i do here as Strong Reminder of my past,i think there's actually a reason for everything,A plan for everyone & Last but not тнє least "i believe GOD has a Big plan for some of Us but definitely not in тнє LIFE"

LIFE & DEATH,ENERGY & PEACE,these are things that haunt us as humans everyday,i ask myself "what if i stopped Living today,would i say it was WORTH it,yeah actually it was "Тнє pains have burned me,scared my Soul & perhaps for threading on тнє part i've walked,which is. Total "Hell on Earth" Back again,into,under ,far in between,through ΐt ,in it & Above! Lesson learned are burnt & marked on My SOUL! All i seek is Eternal Peace!

Trust actually is a reliance on another entity or person,trust is the force that keeps a relationship waxing strong,without trust - there won't be any relationship!!

I believe strongly that Trust is one of the most critical components for a successful truce between two or more people cos once its absent,work progresses slowly,people are unhappy & uncertain about тнє future. The risk os the loss of тнє relationship or friendship becomes HEIGHTENED & sometimes INEVITABLE!

Trust is a difficult thing to gain and once you lose it, some say it is impossible to regain. While lies, betrayal and broken promises are painful, they don't always have to be the end of a relationship. There may be some situations where broken trust simply cannot be regained. If the betrayal was too large or the betrayed person unwilling to forgive, nothing you can do will ever make up for it.

The wounds we gain from being hurt by those that we love, admire and trust run deep and they are not easy to get over. These wounds sometimes shake the very foundation upon which a relationship was built and threaten to destroy the relationship forever.

However, there are some situations in personal relationships where you may be able to regain the trust you have lost due to a poor decision or action. So, how can you regain broken trust??

That's the very Bases of this article,am so lost on this,i've tried everything in the world & in my power to change your perception about me 'sometimes i feel like am getting through to you & sometimes i feel so locked out' this very Article is Dedicated to you & to all my readers with the same problem(s)...

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