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"A child dies every 4 secs needlessly & 22,000 children die everyday" this appalling statistics actually shook me, i was scared and also heartbroken, i can only imagine how much we can do to change this daunting statistics, i believe in a world where children can live proper and prosperous lives.

Its surprising that at least £20 a month (67pence a day) can go a long way into making a child happy ,it will definitely also show love and care to children who have nothing and no-one , With this i went searching for credible charity organizations but there was actually this particular one which scored a very high rating on my list - they actually had branches around the world, they also worked with 45 countries across Africa including conflict zones in countries such as Zimbabwe, the DR of Congo and Somalia & they have enough thoughtful & experienced workers on ground.
I actually love this organization (SOS CHILDREN) cos their vision is to create "a Loving home for children" which is remarkable and through the years they've managed to carve a niche for themselves. Definitely it has actually payed off cos they are the world’s largest orphan and abandoned children’s charity. SOS children currently run 518 of these unique SOS Children’s Villages, and 392 Youth Homes, caring directly for more than 78,000 children in 125 countries worldwide, they built and run 415 Nurseries and Schools which provide 132,422 children with a quality education. The schools are open to children in their care and to those from the wider community. 103 SOS Vocational and Staff Training Centers were created to provide new skills and practical training to 26,254 young people and adults, giving them a route to long-term success.

In areas where medical support is scarce or non-existent, they built SOS Medical Centers which provide communities with immediate medical treatment and preventative and palliative care. SOS children currently run 72 SOS Medical Centers providing treatments and counseling to 455,607 patients, also they offer real child sponsorship, the way we all think it should be. No wonder When the Dalai Lama said that they were "a charity where deeds speak louder than words" doubtless he knew there are lots of ways to choose a particular charity, so definitely this should be the best organization to sponsor or donate into.

As Sponsors and donors you help children whose parents are not there for them. They may be AIDS orphans, street children, child soldiers or children orphaned by war, poverty or natural disasters; they give these children a mother and a family in a home within an SOS Children’s Village. All the donations pay to build the Villages and run them until child sponsors cover the running costs. Where family life is at risk (for example where parents in Africa have AIDS), SOS children run programmes to help strengthen families and keep them together. However, they don't just provide care for children in SOS Villages, but play an important role in supporting the development and sustainability of their local communities. They invest in the futures of thousands of children in the SOS communities, making sure they have the tools they need to become independent young adults, It gets better.

More reason's to work with this organization;

* Children get 100% care (Home, School, Medicals, and Food)

*Anyone can visit or write to the organization

*Sponsors can send small extra gifts into savings accounts for birthdays

*Sponsors also get updates

*Sponsorship isn't spent only on UK admin, it actually is spent on

care for children worldwide.

If you would like more of an idea of what is involved, why not read Sponsor/Child Testimonials or phone us up for a chat? They will explain how sponsorship works in practice and answer particular questions.

When you complete the forms online you can fill in instructions in the form or request that we contact you. At any given time you can choose to sponsor children in most of our 518 Villages, and in almost all of the 125 countries where we help children, They also can guide you where the current need is greatest. You can state preferences on the age etc. of the child you would prefer.

If you have visited one of our projects and know the name of a particular child, they'll try to accommodate you. If your circumstances change at any time, you are free to cancel your direct debit. All payments for sponsorship are covered by the direct debit guarantee.

I desperately urge Readers to please "Sponsor or Donate" , they need your help and do help if you can, you could also help this movement by (Re-blogging, Liking, Tweeting & Sharing) this .

*Remember a charity like SOS when you are thinking of giving to a good cause.

You could contact this Organization via the various ways;

If you are in the UK around Cambridge you are always welcome to drop in.

Contact them at:

SOS Children UK

Terrington House

13-15 Hills Road



Tel: 01223 365589



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